Owning Your Own Pedicure Tools is One of the Best Methods to Avoiding Getting Infections from Other Clients at Nail Salons

Improper sanitation of pedicure tools creates significant risk of transferring infection between clients.. Unfortunately, nail salons often do not follow sterilization protocol between clients. Done properly, the tools will be soaked in an EPA registered solution for 10 minutes or alcohol for 5 minutes.

Race Horses, Sled Dogs, and Professional Athletes All Prioritize Foot Care

Thoroughbreds can be people or animals. They are known for their speed, athleticism, and grace, but unfortunately all of their performances rely on foot health. Unnecessary disease, injuries, and infections of the feet can have significant opportunity costs to both the athletes and their clubs. The same goes for prized thoroughbred animals that work.

The Worry- Free Pedi Story

Over 15 years ago, one of the largest nail care products suppliers approached Dr. Ming Su, a formulation chemist, to discuss sanitary issues the company faced when selling pedicure chairs and foot spas. At that time, the demand for pedicures began to grow significantly in the US, the foot-spa was introduced and incorporated, and the commoditization of nail services expanded the market multi-fold. As a result, reports of foot infections were increasing with the proliferation of nail salons offering pedicures and increasing demand. The two began collaborating…

Avoid Contracting Foot Disease and Infections by Controlling Your Own Destiny

Women (and men!) love their pedicures! For centuries, pedicures have been a standard foot care solution and a source of pampering, relaxation, socializing, and cosmetic pride for countless individuals who take special care of their feet. While professional nail salons are very common, Customers are exposed to risks of infections due to the salons not following EPA protocol, using “plastic liners” that

Foot Infections Can be Contracted During Nail Salon Pedicures.

Have you ever gotten a foot infection or know somebody that has due to a pedicure? Pedicures are an essential source of relaxation, socializing, and foot health. If pedicure tools aren’t sterilized properly you can get skin and nail infections, which may show up immediately or later — even months later. These include Bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

Foot Infections from Others at Nail Salons. Worry Free Pedi Tablets Can Be Added To Any Foot-bath at any Nail Salon

After over a decade in development and investment in marketing to Salons, the sanitation practices of have not changed.  Yet, over 75% of nail salons do not follow proper sanitation protocol between customers, preventing infections from spreading.  These Tablet packages address this absence proper protocol cleaning guidelines, risks of infections as defined by the AMPA and EPA, and the recognition that a majority of nail salons do not…