Avoid Contracting Foot Disease and Infections by Controlling Your Own Destiny


Women (and men!) love their pedicures! For centuries, pedicures have been a standard foot care solution and a source of pampering, relaxation, socializing, and cosmetic pride for countless individuals who take special care of their feet.  While professional nail salons are very common, Customers are exposed to risks of infections due to the salons not following EPA protocol, using “plastic liners” that do not replace sanitation, and capping the jets with-out sanitization. Worry Free Pedi was created to simplify the sanitization process and put control in the hands of the customer.

After every client, the EPA regulations require, between each client, that every salon must drain the water from the foot spa basin or bowl, remove all debris, clean the surfaces of the foot spa with soap or detergent, and rinse with clean water, and drain.  After cleaning, they must disinfect the surfaces with an EPA-registered agent. For whirlpool foot spas, they must disinfect the jets by filling the basin with clean water, adding the appropriate disinfectant, and turning the unit on to circulate the disinfectant for the entire contact time.  After disinfection, drain and rinse with clean water.

It is important to note that plastic foot liners used by many nail salons do not replace the EPA requirements for cleaning in the same manner as stated above.  The liners must be properly disposed of between clients and the EPA required cleaning requirements remain the law.

The foot spa or jets can especially harbor mold and bacteria.  Since they are never completely dried out and water remains between clients, bacteria, mold, and viruses can be harbored and spread to other clients.  The EPA requirement of running the jets with an EPA registered disinfectant for the proper sanitation remains the same.  Plastic caps that cover the jets exacerbates the infection potential issues. 

For those of us who worry about germs and infections, Worry Free Pedi’s effervescent tablet dissolve in minutes and can be circulated into the footbath jets to eliminate 99.99 % of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  For those of us who use sanitation wipes on shopping carts; are skeptical of buffets, lemon wedges, and food preparations, wash our children and our hands religiously, and use towels to open doors, this product is a necessity for “Peace of Mind with Every Pedicure.”