Foot Infections from Others at Nail Salons. Worry Free Pedi Tablets Can Be Added To Any Foot-bath at any Nail Salon


Worry Free Pedi Sanitation Tablets Now Available Direct to Consumer

After over a decade in development and investment in marketing to Salons, the sanitation practices of have not changed.  Yet, over 75% of nail salons do not follow proper sanitation protocol between customers, preventing infections from spreading.  These Tablet packages address this absence proper protocol cleaning guidelines, risks of infections as defined by the AMPA and EPA, and the recognition that a majority of nail salons do not adhere to guidelines due to the need to service high volumes and keep costs low. 

The EPA requires diligent cleaning of the foot baths involving the cleaning of the basin and running an EPA registered sanitizer that can be run through the massage jets to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can be transferred from one person to another without proper cleaning.  The resulting infections include bacterial infections, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, viruses and warts. These pathogens are often difficult to remedy. Pathogens like fungi are difficult to remove from feet and can be present for a lifetime.  Fungus may require to some people that may not be tolerable to some patients and toxic for others. 

The American Podiatry Medical Association (AMPA) and the Environmental Protection Agency provides numerous protocols and describes the risks associated from receiving a pedicure at a salon.1

“Following these protocols is the exception and not the rule for most salons due to the fast turnaround times they have with clients. Most salons only immerse the instruments in a disinfectant (like chlorine or quaternary ammonium) for 10 minutes between customers. There are not enough state inspectors to monitor the enormous and ever-changing numbers of salons in the U.S. to determine if salons are following sanitation guidelines.”2 In addition, many salons provide disposable, plastic liners to give the impression of sanitary conditions.  However, these liners do not address the jets in the foot bath where water, bacteria, and organic material (skin) that can provide optimal conditions for microorganism growth.

WFP provides the only sanitation solution to empower consumers to provide the proper sanitation to the pedicure process for their own personal pedicures without irritation or reliance on the nail salon to mitigate risks of infections.  We have witnessed only a small segment of nail salons seeking this solution to provide customers. Our patented, EPA registered product dissolves in one minute, does not irritate the feet, and mitigates health risks for feet. All of this is controlled by the consumer.

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