Foot Infections Can be Contracted During Nail Salon Pedicures.


Have you ever gotten a foot infection or know somebody that has due to a pedicure?  Pedicures are an essential source of relaxation, socializing, and foot health. If pedicure tools aren’t sterilized properly you can get skin and nail infections, which may show up immediately or later — even months later. These include Bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. 

Bacterial infections: 

Bacterias, such as staphylococcus aureus, present on everyone’s skin, can cause mild to severe infections.   If your toenails or areas around the nail appears red, hot or swollen within day after your pedicure, you may have a bacterial skin or nail infection. Treatment can include antibiotics and possibly an incision to drain the area. 

Fungal Infections:

Toe nails can turn yellow and beginning to thicken or lift off is a sign of a toenail fungus one of the most common results of a pedicure where sanitation protocol has not been followed. Fungal infections may not appear for months. Oral and topical treatments can resolve these infections.  Oral antifungal medications are amongst some of the more toxic medications to specific organs and may not be suitable for patients with any underlying illnesses. 

Viral Infections

Viral infections often come in the form of plantar warts, the most common viral infection of the foot.  These infections may not show up for weeks or months after the pedicure. Dark spots and a callus-like covering are common with plantar warts. Treatment for these include medicine that applied to the skin.

 Avoiding unnecessary infections is also an important element to foot health and attractive feet.  Worry Free Pedi provides the only patented, EPA registered, inexpensive solution for consumers to mitigate the risk of infection from pedicures.  Simply drop the tablet into the footbath, watch it dissolve, and rest assured the foot bath including the jets will be sanitized.