Owning Your Own Pedicure Tools is One of the Best Methods to Avoiding Getting Infections from Other Clients at Nail Salons

pedicure kits.jpg

By Cesar Collado

Another item responsible for infections from pedicures is the utilization of the same tools on multiple clients. When properly sterilized, there is not a problem. Unfortunately, nail salons often do not follow sterilization protocol between clients. Done properly, the tools will be soaked in an EPA registered solution for 10 minutes or alcohol for 5 minutes.

If you love your pedicures, it is a good idea to purchase your own tools to prevent infection from tools used on others. You can then properly clean at home or place in the dishwasher where the heat will disinfect the tools. These tool kits have a variety of size and convenience features. There is also a kit priced for almost any customer.