The Worry- Free Pedi Story


By Cesar Collado

Over 15 years ago, one of the largest nail care products suppliers approached Dr. Ming Su, a formulation chemist, to discuss sanitary issues the company faced when selling pedicure chairs and foot spas.  At that time, the demand for pedicures began to grow significantly in the US, the foot-spa was introduced and incorporated, and the commoditization of nail services expanded the market multi-fold. As a result, reports of foot infections were increasing with the proliferation of nail salons offering pedicures and increasing demand.  The two began collaborating, seeking a simple solution to sanitize the water.  However, this objective was much more complicated given the desired product profile and safety needs 1) potential skin irritation to the sanitizer 2) EPA approval as bacterial and fungicidal 3) Understand the economies and nuances of the pedicure market.

The product profile desired was a single tablet that would quickly dissolve and sanitize the footbath while feet are in it without irritating the customers feet.   Moderate use alcohol is a skin irritant and chlorine (bleach) irritates skin and is toxic under many conditions or in combinations.  This led to the utilization of milder ingredients at lower levels and the addition of natural inert ingredients to avoid skin -rritating, that is much gentler on skin than chlorine with fewer skin reactions.  

In order for a product to be used to kill the most resilient of pathogens that transmit infections during pedicures:

Staphylococcus aureus (exist on human skins)
Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athlete's foot fungus)
Candida albicans (EPA says it lives under nails)

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by the developers was understanding how to best make the product available for pedicure clients.  Because of the growth of the nail market, price availability, and commoditization of services, managing costs became a focal point when selling wholesale to nail salons.  Surprisingly, only higher end nail salons adopted where safety and adherence to regulations where not in question.  More surprising was the recognition that many if not most nail salons do not follow EPA regulatory protocol between clients in the interest of time and client volume. As a result, any additional cost, although minor, was not well received.  Adoption for the product was successful but limited to high end nail wholesale salons where proper sanitation is not in question. 

Today, Worry Free Pedi provides the only patented, EPA registered solution to sanitizing foot baths by killing 99.99% of the pathogens that can be transmitted from client to client. Worry Free Pedi is dedicated to providing customers Worry Free Pedi Sanitation Tablets directly to consumers to empower them to simply add the tablet to their foot bath. The product will dissolve within a minute and can circulate in the foot jets to kill bacteria and fungi that accumulate in jets without irritating the client’s feet.  Clients are free to observe sanitation practices in their local nail salon and determine the need to protect their feet from infection themselves.  Worry Free Pedi tablets are available on-line, are very cost effective, and make thoughtful gifts for friends.