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what is worry free pedi

Worry Free Pedi is a unique dissolving tablet that is specially formulated to sanitize your pedicure water. It is a cruelty free, United States patented, and EPA registered product that should be used during every pedicure to keep your feet free from bacterial and fungal infections.

when to use worry free pedi

 Every time you get a pedicure at a nail salon or spa, you risk contracting a bacterial or fungal infection. To avoid infections, you should add one Worry Free Pedi tablet to your water during every pedicure. 

why worry free pedi

Bacteria is lurking in every pedicure bowl, even if jets and pipes aren't present or when liners are being used. Salons assure you that they have cleaned their pedicure bowls between customers, but in that short amount of time it is physically impossible to clean inside the pipes, jets, the drain, behind the vents, and all other areas that hide bacteria and fungi.

how worry free pedi works

Drop one Worry Free Pedi tablet into your pedicure water before you put your feet in. Within 60 seconds, your water will be sanitized, protecting you from bacterial and fungal infections. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Worry Free Pedicure.

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